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Advantages of membership with BVCAC:

  • Ability to apply for BVCAC grants (all funding except Student Scholarships require membership)
  • Promotion: Post your projects on our website
  • Subscribe to the BVCAC Art Beat newsletter: We forward relevant arts-related news and opportunities
  • Insurance coverage (application subject to approval by BV Insurance Services). Our insurance covers Commercial General Liability ($5 million limit), Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability ($2 million limit), and Personal and Advertising Injury Liability (2 million limit). Proof of insurance is required by all SD54 properties, the Town of Smithers, and Coast Mountain College for all rentals.


  • All Bulkley Valley artists and arts organizations are eligible to apply for membership
  • Membership is subject to approval by the BVCAC Board of Directors
  • We accept new members throughout the year
  • Members may apply for liability insurance through the BCVAC. Fees for insurance and descriptions of activity must be received by December 15th annually. Insurance is subject to approval by BV Insurance Services. If a member is not approved for insurance, their insurance fee will be refunded.
  • A membership application form may be downloaded if you prefer paper over the online version.

Annual Membership Fee: $50.00

PLUS (if applicable): Liability insurance coverage based on usage, risk, and number of participants

  • Low: $25.00 (groups such as Myriad Dance Projects, BV Band Boosters, and arts instructors)
  • Medium: $125.00 (groups such as the BV Concert Association and BV Youth Fiddlers)

How do I know if my membership is complete?

BVCAC will follow up with you by email within one month of receiving your application.

Membership Form

$50.00 - Annual Membership Fee

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