Conversations in Art: A Podcast Series

Estimated Start/End Date:

June 01, 2021 - December 01, 2021


Moe Kafer

Conversations in Art is a podcast series that features conversations with artists from the Bulkley Valley. Join podcaster Moe Kafer as she discusses process and inspiration with some the Valley's most talented artists. Kafer delves into the creative process of each artist with candid, moving interviews about what drives and inspires them to create.

Featured artists include Mark Tworow, Mark Thibeault, Leah Pipe, Michelle Gazely, Facundo Gastiazoro and Caitlin Ambery.

Listen to these conversations here: >> Conversations in Art

Mark Tworow in his studio. Photo credit: Moe Kafer

Facundo Gastiazoro on the Bluff Trails. Photo credit: Moe Kafer

Michelle Gazely in her studio. Photo credit: Moe Kafer

Mark Thibeault in his studio. Photo credit: Moe Kafer

Caitlyn Ambery at work. Photo credit: Moe Kafer

Leah Pipe in her studio. Photo credit: Moe Kafer

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